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Letter to the Editor – Haliburton Echo February 21 2012

Haliburton continues to grow

To the Editor,

The success of the Granite Cove condo project leading to the new Granite View development is long awaited good news.

The affordable housing project slated to begin this spring in town makes for three major housing projects on the go. Could this mark the beginning of some growth years for Haliburton?

I believe it does. Statistics Canada data from the 2011 census shows Dysart et al led the county in population increase between 2006 and 2011 while growing eight per cent.  That compares to overall Canadian growth of 5.9 per cent. For the most part Haliburton’s growth is coming from southern Ontario while  a large percentage of Canadian growth is from immigration.

I would go so far as to say we should prepare for rapidly accelerating growth for a number of reasons.

Global warming is a reality and much as it is a horror, Haliburton County is uniquely situated to benefit from it. May, June, September and October are already beautiful months and we are now seeing many gorgeous days in April as well. Canada’s population is aging and Haliburton is a magnet for the elderly. Retired people can travel anytime and will prefer Haliburton in the shoulder seasons as opposed to the summer crowds.

Canadians lost billions in assets from the financial crisis even as their real estate holdings increased billions.

With six million people living in the GTA how many of those now facing retirement will trade a million dollar home for Granite View’s $250,000, pocketing $750,000 to supplement retirement? Multiplying that by 20 more years of boomer retirement guarantees continued long-term growth for Haliburton.

Get ready Haliburton, the boomers are coming.

Peter O’Connor

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