How To Cure Your Jetlag

Traveling opens your mind and helps you to relax. Going to a new place for business or leisure can be very exciting. The world has numerous places to explore and experience the difference. Every place embraces unique traits and rituals which build their culture. Travelling allows folks to enjoy the randomness of nature and discover how people live in ways that are similar or different than yours. Travelling could be expensive, and various individuals spend years to save for one decent trip. It is highly recommended that you start saving for at least one good trip to experience the pleasure.

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How To Cure Your Jetlag

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One of the drawbacks of traveling is the jet lag you get. Jet lag is the lack of coordination of your body with the place you have traveled. Our internal body clock gets messed up along with the sleep schedule. Jet lag is not extremely hazardous to health, but it still is nasty. Here are a few tips on how to beat jet lag with ease:

  1. Rest Well Before Travelling:

Travelling could be a very hectic activity if you do not sleep properly before leaving. Besides walk, you might also be flying in an airplane. Doing that can make you feel exhausted. So, ideally, it is not recommended to compromise on your sleep. Start resting 48 hours before traveling, have a good night’s sleep and avoid any additional activities. This practice allows you to be mentally fresh for traveling and you will most likely be ready to fight your different sleep patterns.

  1. Stand Guard Against Your Sleep:

Do not use this method very often since it can be dangerous to your health. Once you reach your destination and you find yourself being sleepy at odd hours, stand guard. Go for a walk, or do any activity that will take your mind off sleeping. When night falls, you can go to sleep peacefully and be up in the morning. You will automatically train your mind to work this way in just one day. Try not to take coffee as that might affect your mental health in this procedure.

  1. Live In The Current Time:

Constantly thinking of going back home will just confuse your mind. Set all your watches and clocks according to your present time zone, do your assignments and keep reminding yourself that you have to sleep when night falls at your current location. Likewise, talking to your loved ones or family back home as soon as you reach your new destination can confuse your mind as well. Try to call them after your jet lag has settled down so your body can go through the process of recovering time zones efficiently.